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E353x – authorities on everything

more chat with Tori about food & drink, honorary degrees and voices of resistance, airstream construction, interrupting motorcycles, kudzu, Steve Miller Band, StoryCorps and its app, confidence & delivery, chauvinism & microphones, beer in Utah, and boy scouts.

E346 – Guthrie & Steph Fill In: Gabe & The Timber Trail

Filling in for Brock and Aaron are Guthrie and Steph for this episode!

Gabe Amadeus (of Limberlost) has been working hard for the past 18 months on one of Oregon’s most exciting biking routes: The Timber Trail. Stretching the length of Oregon, this trail represents the mountain biking equivalent of the P.C.T, in which cyclists can find challenges on four different sections of pristinely remote dirt, gravel, and singletrack. We catch up to Gabe to chat about his involvement with the project, and where the Timber Trail goes from here.

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Bike Rentals in Portland: PBOT List


From Listener Mr. T! Dockless Bikes in China:

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E244b Free Boxes, Dumpsters, and OKCupid

Clips of Lisa and Aaron. We remark on the dying art of dumpstering with the hanging question of “why can’t we take this trash home?” Aaron invents a reverse haunted house. Lisa admits to online dating.

E163 – Tory Orzeck: ORP

Tory Orzeck from ORP tells us about the combination of lights and audio warnings that he created to mount onto your bicycle’s handlebars.

Aaron & Brock also discuss touring aspirations for The Red Hare among Horses and how to think about homeless people & bicycle theft.

BikePortland: Amtrak mops up after the kerfuffle with Elly Blue & Joe Biel
Boston Globe via Tim: Bikes are Conservatives’ new enemy

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Phil B from AK chides us for being soft on cold temperatures and invites us to grow ice beards with him.  Read his blog – we do!

Steve in WY comments on studded tires.

Milestone Rides twitters love to Deanna Adams from E123.

Ben sends us the “Sprocketman” comics from Stanford!

Alvaro from Los Angeles heard of us while bike touring from San Francisco to Santa Monica. He took some sweet photos.  Apparently lots of people on the coast knew about the show?

We send stickers to Alvaro & Doug in San Antonio!

Dan Flores shares the news that Portland OR has been named America’s best city.

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Bike Safe Portland accident reports are here!

Hey folks! We’ve partnered with Josh Zisson from Bike Safe Boston to bring you the Oregon version of the innovative bicycle accident report cards that he’s created to fill the need that many of us have for a clear documentation procedure in case of an accident while riding your bicycle.  We’re excited about the empowering aspect of these, since many people who have replaced their car with a bicycle no longer have an insurance company’s instructions for what to do when you get into a fender bender.  But even if you drive a car occasionally, you most likely are not carrying your car insurance packet with you, and in the confusion of the moment it can be difficult to remember what details are important to make note of.  This is especially pertinent to a situation where the other party doesn’t stick around to find out how things ended up!

Here at the Sprocket Podcast, we’ve been distributing these accident report cards to various bicycle shops around town, and hope to get them into the hands of everyone who finds them useful.  If you’d like one, you can visit one of these fine establishments listed below to get your own copy:

See our Bike Safe Portland page for the most recently updated list of shops to visit!

Additionally, if you are a business owner or know of a place that ought to have a stack of these available to customers, get in touch with us at and we will do our best to get you connected and supplied.

Thanks, and stay safe out there!

E064 – David Watson, Pete Stidman: Boston Advocacy

In today’s episode we share two interviews with two Boston, MA based bicycling advocate organization leaders: David Watson of MassBike, a comprehensive statewide entity, and Pete Stidman of the Boston Cyclists Union, which focuses on the city itself.  Josh Zisson of Bike Safe Bostonmade the connection with MassBike and Rob Sadowsky of the Bicycle Transportation Alliance in Portland, OR suggested the BCU; many thanks to both for more quality interviews!  We’ll have one more Boston interview next week while Brock is in Europe, while Brandon and Aaron Flores will host an interview with Martina from Clever Cycles the week after.

We also mentioned the quick sale of all positions in this year’s Cycle Oregon week ride – perhaps some of you will have the opportunity to join in for next year’s event!

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OK, there is REALLY no episode this week

Hey folks, sorry to have to bring you two weeks in a a row of no show, but after an excellent bicycle tour with friends Brock contracted an illness of some kind, although he was the last of seven to get it.  We had planned to interview Rob Sadowsky of Portland’s Bicycle Transportation Alliance, but he graciously agreed to reschedule so we don’t give him the virus.  Expect him to join us on the show later in September.

As for the bicycle tour Brock was on, we’re hoping to assemble the members of that tour for an episode to share the craziness that went down between Portland and Crater Lake on the tempestuous but memorable journey with Team Sincerity.

See you next week!