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E380 – Robert Rides Recumbent Relentlessly

In the studio today we have Robert Weaver who rode his recumbent bike across the land.  He gives us the lowdown on being closer to the ground, and what he learned as he crossed the continent!  We’re glad he got in touch on his way to the west coast.  Follow Robert at

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Wheel Options during October for commuters in WA
Oct 12-22: Ciclopalooza! In San Antonio TX (more in news)
Oct 15: Endurance Bikepacking Stories from Around the World (with Nathan Jones)
Oct 20-22: Freak Bike Fall
Oct 26-28: St. Johns River-to_Sea Loop Summit and Trail Celebration Deland, FL
Nov 18: Cranksgiving! With special guest Emcees!
Dec 1: Pedal Shift turns 100!
Dec. 15-17 BikeCraft 2017

Tweeted to us from Bicycle San Antonio from the Rivard Report: Ciclopalooza: San Antonio’s First DIY Bike Festival

From PBOT’s News blog: News Blog: Youth-designed bike lane art hits the streets of Portland

From StreetsBlog: Wisconsin Decides It Can Live Without $1.1 Billion Highway Widening After All

From My day as a Portland Public Schools bus driver by Brock Dittus

From Jeremy Kitchen: much love but GAAAAH the compression!

From Ranger Tom: another bike/walk/etc. Contest for October if you live or work in WA
“Also may reduce the effects of Stout on your ass.”

From Todd G.
“On the last show Brock asked if I received stickers.  I have not.”

From Nathan Poulton
“I mined your pods…what was said helped me to my first multi day trip”

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