E566 – Rethinking Streets During COVID-19 with Marc Schlossberg and Rebecca Lewis


A streetscape with a protected bike lane on the left and car lanes on the right

Marc Schlossberg and Rebecca Lewis from the University of Oregon talk about their new open access book, Rethinking Streets During Covid-19, part of the Rethinking Streets project, and how cities around the world changed streets for pedestrians, bicyclists, and more during the pandemic.

The Stuff We Talked About
Rethinking Streets
Sustainable Cities Institute
Bicycle Transportation Study Abroad

Forget Tech Bro Fantasies of Self-Driving Cars and Just Invest in Buses Already
Via Bike Portland, in the New Republic: “What we need are not more energy-efficient cars or self-driving cars or, as Zimmer fantasized, privately owned fleets that are available for hire, but fewer cars entirely. We need people biking, walking, taking buses and trains and subways, or otherwise riding in something besides a free-ranging, 3,000-pound metal exoskeleton with an error-prone operator, digital or human. If safety is often cited as a prime reason for developing autonomous vehicles—about 36,000 Americans die in car accidents every year—then perhaps a better way of saving lives is to have fewer cars on the road, replaced by mass transit and other public options.”

From long-time listener and Patreon supporter Emma Rooks: “After listening to Guthrie and Joan talk about herbs and herb spirals a few episodes back, I wanted to share the one my girlfriend and I (mostly her) put together recently. It’s still waiting on some seed starts to hurry up and get ready to be planted.” Emma inspired Joan to finally plant her own her garden. 


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