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E407 – No More Freeways with Aaron Brown

Aaron Brown joins us in studio to talk NoMoreFreewaysPDX, an effort he leads to impact policymakers’ decisions through groundswell activism & advocacy for the better good of our communities here in Portland, Oregon.  Is a freeway expansion really a good idea? (hint: it’s not) Is congestion pricing really all that difficult or burdensome? (hint: it’s probably not) Aaron breaks it down for us.

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E257b – Todd the Truck Driver (and Sydney!)

Todd the Truck Driver is a fan of the show and was moving his daughter Sydney into her new home in Portland, so we invited them to join us for the studio session this week!  We talk trucking turkey with Todd and explore the world of freight transport, including how he gets around when his driving hours are up!  Hint: it includes a bicycle.