E565 – Baja Divide

Rock Garden On The Baja Divide
Photo courtesy of Bikes 4 Good

This week we catch up with the Bike for Good Baja Divide Ride Border Angels Fundraiser group, type 2 fun, all the way!

The Stuff We Talked About

Bikes for Good: https://bikes4good.org/

Baja Divide Blog: https://bikes4good.org/trip-blog

GoFundMe: https://www.gofundme.com/f/paula039s-campaign-for-border-angels

Photos week 1: https://www.funatakecyclecraft.com/baja-divide-in-pictures-week-1/

Photos week 2: https://www.funatakecyclecraft.com/baja-divide-in-pictures-week-2/

Where’s the Beef?
As electric vehicles become more popular, a growing number of detractors have come out of the woodwork to express their anti-electric car views. While most just simply turn to social media to voice their opinions, there are a few out there who have taken a more hands-on approach.


New Columbia Gorge Express connection to Dog Mountain

New Weekend Transit Service to Dog Mountain
Portlanders, Gorge visitors, and Gorge residents can now catch public transportation to the popular Dog Mountain hiking trail near Bingen, Washington—and get their required permit in the process. Transit options are available from both Portland and Hood River on the Columbia Gorge Express. Riders transfer to the Dog Mountain Shuttle in Cascade Locks, Oregon.



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