E560 – Avoiding Polar Bears with Polly Bledsoe


Polly Bledsoe

Polly In Alaska Wilderness with bike Polly Bikepack Stealth Camp Polly Near Denali Polly Near North Pale

This week we catch up with Polly Bledsoe, bikepacker, polar bear dodger, and pdx ride extraordinaire!

Keep up with the rides in Portland at pdxunityride

What’s a microaggression? (link)
Off The Chain Anchorage
Momoko Saunders

All Bodies on Bikes

“Kailey Kornhauser and Marley Blonsky are on a mission – a mission to change the idea that people in larger bodies can’t ride bikes. The duo aims to make cycling more inclusive, beyond just inviting people of all sizes to ride bikes, but by changing the entire idea of what it means to be a cyclist — not just on screens, but on trails and in people’s minds.” This is a new short film from Shimano. 


Biking for Big People Webinar, April 13 & April 22, 5:30pm PT, led by Marley and Kailey, covers issues of concern to bigger folks on bikes, including gear like types of bikes that work for larger bodies, seat choice, and clothing, and has practical tips for shopping at bike shops, shifting, gears, building endurance, bike fit, pain while riding, and much more. 

Would also be great for folks who lead bike clubs and groups, to think about making your events inclusive to a range of folks. 


No mail this week – send us something fun to read perhaps? If you let us know your address Guthrie will send you a handwritten letter with a special drawing.  

Free bike education every 4th Wednesday with Courtney Williams at 6pm Eastern, NYC Bike Mayor, via Zoom – find out more on Instagram at @thebrownbikegirl

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