E597 Mike Cobb & The Disaster Relief Trials


Disaster Relief Trials
Photo Credit: Kelly Stangl

At Long Last! – We chat with Mike Cobb of The Disaster Relief Trials, occurring this weekend!


Portland Disaster Responder Stats
Responder Ratio Stats
14,418 professional first responders
652,503 Portlanders
Ratio: 1:45 

FEMA says over 95% of major disaster victims are rescued and assisted by ad-hoc citizen volunteers.

FEMA Community Response Program

Cargo Bike Ratios
5,000 cargo cyclists in Portland

Become part of your local Portland Neighborhood Team (no bicycle required!)

What to show up with this Saturday: 

  • Tuned bike 2 hours prior to the start (can pass mechanic inspection)
  • LOTS of cam-buckle straps, NONE of bungees (if/as able)
  • Repair Kit

Cully Neighborhood:



Hi Sprocket folks!

Mayra saw this, and sent it to me. Thought I’d share it with you, and the listeners. It’s classic! 🙂



long pole by bike


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