E596 – Megan Ramey

In this episode we catch up with THREE TIME award WINNING guest, Megan Ramey! Covering cyclocross, transit, family biking, maps, adventures, and more!


Bikabout inspires 2-wheeled tourism in North America’s best biking cities.

In the news: “Crazy bike lady” helps kids walk and roll in Hood River


Megan is Mobility Director for Anson’s Bike Buddies, a Columbia Gorge Non-Profit Organization.  Anson’s Bike Buddies started as an idea formed in conjunction with Anson’s realization that there are children in his community who cannot afford a bicycle and the monthly service projects adopted by his school.


Opinion: Thinking about an electric car? An e-bike may make more sense (and save you more money)

Megan’s Twitter thread & replies on ebikes (before she wrote the article) 

Columbia Area Transit CAT Bus from Portland to Columbia River Gorge & beyond
Megan on Twitter: @bikeabout


New podcast alert from Joan: 

Arrested Mobility

Why are Black Americans and other people of color disproportionately victims of overly aggressive police enforcement and brutality while walking, running, riding bicycles, taking public transit, or while driving? This podcast explores the ways in which people of color have had their mobility arrested.

Hosted by Charles T. Brown, the founder and CEO of Equitable Cities LLC—an urban planning, policy, and research firm working at the intersection of transportation, health, and equity. Charles will take you to the streets of Philly, the sidewalks of Seattle, and the neighborhoods of Kansas City. In each place, he’ll ask: What can we do to change the outcomes when people of color step out their door to exist in the world?


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