E598 Topic Talk

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In this weeks show, an announcement, talk of topics (and just a feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew more things to boot) – We had a LOT of fun with this one, hope folks enjoy!


Japanese police seize 5,800 bike seats, arrest man in theft case from Kyodo News

Osaka prefectural police have seized about 5,800 bicycle seats from a rental storage facility and have arrested a truck driver on theft charges, they said Friday… The truck driver has admitted to the charges, with the police quoting him as saying, “I began to steal bike seats about 25 years ago in Tokyo and Osaka to relieve stress at work and, gradually, collecting them turned out to be fun.”

 buy or make a seat leash with Guthrie’s DIY approach

Bike mechanics reveal the best tricks to frustrate would-be saddle thieves.



Josh Guttmacher sent it this:


Created by Lucas Mace

Choose the part from the supplied options based on the photos you see
You have 20 seconds to make your choice
Points start at 500 and go down the longer you take to choose
If the points reach zero, game over
A correct answer will add the remaining points to your total score and load the next part
An incorrect answer will end the game
Have fun and try to beat your friend’s score!
There are currently 60 parts in the game and I add more every week


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