E582 – Ramon Martinez Chats Bike Indy

Ramon faces the camera, smiling. He's wearing a bike helmet, sunglasses, and a turquoise cycling jersey over black long sleeves, with a black vest, and orange gloves. His hand is visibly perched on top of bike handlebars.Ramon Martinez joins us from the city of Independence, Oregon to let us know how he’s helping to turn this small Willamette Valley city into a big cycling destination. “Drop the Hammer” weekends offer short or long road or off-road rides that include some competition (if you want). Best thing about these rides? Your own start times!

BikeIndy website
Ramon on Instagram
Ramon on Strava

In response to our Wayfinding episode, we heard from a few folks. Maria Schur, @bicyclekitty told us, via Instagram, “When lost in the country on an overcast day (can’t determine south from the sun’s position), keep in mind that satellite dishes (in our region) point south.” And on Twitter, @VerseCycle Carolina Burrows said, “I sometimes look at churches to try and figure out which way’s east (the direction the seats face inside, so usually where the big stained glass window is).”

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