E309 – Live at Pie-A-Thon 2016!

Brock & Aaron made an appearance at Pie-A-Thon 2016 in Portland, Oregon as both event hosts and featured performers.  Here’s their chat with Djinn Maury of Violin Secrets who creates amazing, beautiful soundscapes as a street performer.  His performances, such as this one from Portland’s Last Thursday event on NE Alberta Street, are well worth watching.  We totally forgot to mention that he hauls all of his equipment by bicycle, too!

Brock & Aaron also chat about making pies and chat with their friend Mark who was leading a group of friends who dropped in during a birthday ride, and event coordinator Trent Price of bands Lumberjack and Owl Antique shares his thoughts on the benefits of sharing creativity.  If you’re interested in how the emceeing went down, we’ve included a bit of that at the end as well!  And special thanks to our friends who came out to join us, including Eric, Aqua, Jon & Katie, Billy, Steven and Bob!