E308 – Aubrey Anderson: Runcible

Today a remote conversation with Aubrey Anderson, the designer/developer ofRuncible, the circular “anti-smartphone.”  What do you do when you’re tired of seeing people stare down blankly at a rectangle?  Reinvent the darned thing.  Runcible is a legacy electronic, designed to last and constructed of quality & socially responsible materials, and it’s specially calibrated to enahnce your interactions with the world around you, not distract you from it.  And you can carry it on a stylish chain!  Visit the IndieGoGo page for more info, or the theMonohm site.

Also: Aaron is pretty sure he’s not concussed (at least that’s what he’s saying).

July 30: Pie-a-Thon 2016
August 11: Pam Nichols Art Show at Western Bike Works Tigard 6pm
August 14: Bike Scout Scavenger Hunt

From the verge.com via Logan Smith
These ultra-tough socks almost stopped me wearing shoes

Biketown contract forces users to waive their legal rights – unless they act quickly

And also This Musical Double Negative

From Cristi : Vernors is the best ginger ale!

From Todd T in Helena, MT: Vernors is a cure-all!

From Aqua D in PDX: E204 is full of cute interactions between two star-crossed lovers.

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