E281 – Renee T: West End Transit (or, Squatchin’ By Bus)

Renee works to make sure there is transit access to popular outdoors destinations in the Columbia River Gorge by helping to manage outreach and marketing for the West End Transit (WET) Bus in Washington State’s Skamania County!  Get to the trailhead without a car with the help of Friends of the Columbia Gorge!

Brock climbed 3200 feet and saw Peter Koonce, and Aaron stared at a “family” meeting in Mexico, and is looking for a house to move into.


4/5/16 7pm humanity On wheels 3 from kick ass oregon history and trimet diariesat the Jack London bar!

Microcosm Publishing turns 20! Fabulous local punk startup celebrates the anniversary on February 12 2016, 5pm at Velo Cult, and Joe Biel gives a reading at Powell’s Books Hawthorne on February 11 2016, 7:30pm

From Momentum via PBJMatt: South Dakota is fighting with Missouri over the dumbest cycling laws


Johnnyk made us a Roku: https://my.roku.com/add/TheSprocket

“Well I hope you don’t shoot me but I listen to your podcast through my TV.”

Sebastien loved Nathan’s “ripping yarn” about CA travel.  Made him think of this classic picture:

And Scott liked our f*** CA outro; was more offended that we forgot he lived there!

Eric Iverson: “I’m obviously on board for a #kingofdivision ride to Oxbow park w/@kingofdivision &@SprocketPodcast! #pedalpalooza ?”

Josh G wants a commenrtary on the Chinese bike racing movie “To the Fore”?

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