E258 – Brad Davis & Reuben Deumling: Hanging Up The Phones

Brad Davis from EcoSpeed and Reuben Deumling join us this week to talk about that darned technology most of us carry around in our pockets and how much technology you need in life to feel connected, informed, and happy.  No phone? Smartphone? Dumb phone? We mull over the questions.

Reuben mentions the film from Carlton students: Disconnected.
We also grasp at the title of Nicholas Carr’s book The Glass Cage

Also: Aaron & Brock competed in Bike Scout over the weekend!

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John Gardner found Team Sincerity in his email!

From Chris R. in Denver liked the new face of trucking, Todd Parker.

From E257b

Josh G. shares a video with us: “Who is the King of the I-105?

PBJar Matt weighs in on why Subway sandwich bread tastes off.

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