E227b – Aaron Aaron Aaron Brock

Aaron Delani is a recent Portland inductee, taking the admonition of “welcome to Portland, now go ride your damn bike” very seriously.  As a webmaster, he codes in coffee shops, and then looks for places to explore and people to ride with.  We discuss his downsizing process as he moved here, a misjudgment of #coffeeoutside, and secret commuter racing, among many other things.  He’s at aarondelani.com

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Matt sends in the saga of a motorcycle cop & a man on a beach cruiser.

Logan mentions CEO of Japan Airlines who took a pay cut and rides the bus to empathize with workers who were forced to retire early.  Reminded us of José Mujica, Uruguayan president who lives small and picks up hitchhikers.

A friend reminds Brock of Tom Allen’s beer can stove.

This week’s shift list: Halley Weaver explains bike-resistance from potential employers:
illegal = “do you have a car” unless the job specifically requires driving.
legal: “Are you able to get to all four counties for your job?” “Do you have reliable transportation?”
If they ask about reliable transportation; you say yes. If they ask for elaborate then you can say something like, “I prefer to travel by bike but have a Plan B in adverse weather conditions.”

Josh G: Which president was a big-time cyclotourist?  Woodrow Wilson! AlsoPresidents’ Day used to be Bicycle Day!

Daniel drops the gauntlet to Alaska with Fraser Cunningham’s -10º Cincinnati commute.  He also mentions the YMCA San Antonio, TX Siclovia, March 29th 10am to 4pm.

Anna shares a question from Oregon’s drivers’ license test.

Eric Iverson (& Paul from yesterday) mention quiet zones for rail crossings: there’s gonna be a lot fewer trains on the show.

JohnnyK is our Google king, and found us foot warming solutions.

Eric recommends a wheelbuilding library of knowledge from Mike Tech Info & Sheldon Brown.

Dave asks about the safety of listening devices while riding on the roads.

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