E199 – Kath Youell & Tessa Walker: Flatroute Your Laundry

Kath Youell is a return guest who runs Portlandize.com and participated in the 2014 Disaster Relief Trials in Portland;

Tessa Walker owns a sweet little handmade cargo bike (that has a tumblr!) and also competed in the DRT.

We talk about the experience of the disaster simulation, “flatrouting,” and doing laundry by bike, amongst other things.

Also: Listener Drew welds Brock’s bike back together, drink segment dedicated to Aaron’s niece, retort to close pass contest


BBC: cargo delivery by bike hits the news again!

Tom Allen: how and why to WWOOF around the world by bike


Darren recommends the Vivente World Randonneur.

Harm from Rotorua NZ has a wicked commute in New Zealand!

JohnnyK asks about recumbent bakfietsen.

Dan from MN sponors this week’s episode with a donation!

Tim Mooney from Pedalshift calls in! check out his tour journals. He also sends a picture of a train for us to get hot and bothered about.

Sebastien asks about the warranty on Brock’s broken bike.

Chris in Arcata: Northern CA now has red asphalt for its bike lanes, & a question about glasses

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