E198 – Phillip Ross: Metrofiets

Phillip Ross makes cargo bikes!  Metrofiets brings the classic dutch box-bike concept into an American iteration.  We talk about his passion for bicycling innovation.

Phil mentions the atomic zombie’s bicycle builder’s bonanza!

Also: Brock’s bike breaks, a combine demolition derby, and Cory’s summer.


dcist.org: Courtland Milloy goes on a bike ride, rethinks bicycling. (from Pedalshift)

7 PM on Sept 12 at the Clinton Street Theatre with more Q&A afterwards.
also upcoming screenings in Roanoke, VA, Seattle, WA, and Pittsburgh, PA! More info at: http://microcosmpublishing.com/aftermass

Eric swingbikes to vista house!

Betsy sends us this:
Watch the Portland bike network grow from 1950 until today

Last week’s mystery donor was Kevin!  Thanks, dude.

The mystery burp by text message came from Dan in MN! He also texts about similarities between road guard & “corking.”

Jim from St. Petersburg Russia enjoys a bit of Oregon home while listening to Lenny Anderson’s stories.

JohnnyK sends in a wikipedia article on post-vacation blues and tells Brock to buck up. (LOL)

Roger shares suggested reading:  Kunstler’s “Geography of Nowhere”.    You’ve been “there.”

David from PDX clears up the “eat meat for healing” thing.

Doug feels a little guilty about receiving the postcard Adele bought for someone else, and did in fact hike the entire Appalachian Trail.

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