E197 – Going Somewhere: Brian Benson (with Leah Benson)

Brian Benson, author of Going Somewhere, joins us to talk about his new memoir centered around a formative bicycle journey.  He is joined by his twin Leah Benson ofGladys Bikes! (not an actual twin)  We also speak about our shame foods (shh).

Also: Brock decries his cynicism on returning to Portland in a full rebuttal of his previous statements, complains about the weather, and Aaron & Dan recap the Midnight Mystery Ride debacle.


Alaska Dispatch News: Bike-work-bike routine allows couple to take long cycling treks(thanks Phil!)

TriMet: announcing the plans for eFare implementation in 2017

TriMet: line 15 rider turns 102, gets special birthday bus (thanks Logan!)


Jim shares the Tigr lock:


Logan writes “MKS makes a quick release pedal that you may want to check out since you do so much bike boxing and pedal removal. The pedals are called MKS EZY removable pedals. I have them on my brompton and they are great! They could also be a potential theft deterrent while touring (the thief can’t ride away! 😉

Russ Roca devised a great method for carrying large amounts of water by bike while touring. He wrote a review for the tool he used on his Epicurean Cyclist blog: I’ve used this method and it works great!

Roger in Santa Cruz:

“Brock, I was enjoying my coffee this morning and peacefully listening to the podcast with Ellee, then when you gave pedal removal instructions using a blow torch and if that failed pulling out a pistol and blasting the pedal to tarnation ….. Well, a mouthful of coffee erupted and soiled a lot of clothes.  Dammit!”

I told him brown is in right now.  This marked two spittakes in two weeks!

Tim Mooney:

“As I’m getting prepared to box my bike up I ran into a severely stuck pedal – I had some work done on the drivetrain and they torqued them on super tight. Luckily I have a pedal wrench with more leverage handy, so it wasn’t a problem at home. On the road… quite another matter! I usually go with the tried and true liberal greasing of the threads and put just the slightest tightening force on the pedals… that way I can get the pedals on and off with a .99 cent crescent wrench I bring with.”

Eric Iverson: spotted in Estacada: not chain grease.

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