E177 – Maria Schur

Maria Schur loves bicycles, lives in Portland, and works for Western Bike Works.  She enjoys gravel rides and doesn’t own a car, and likes pink but doesn’t want to be stereotyped.  She also writes on her blog about the various adventures she gets into.  We talk about all of this and more!

Also: Brock, Aaron & Adele recap their California touring adventures.

Ethan becomes a new sustaining donor.  Thanks!

Doug in Duluth (another new donor – thanks!) suggests another bicycle shop equivalent of Stairway.

Jolene & The Stickman enjoyed hearing Madi & Katie’s chat on family rides.

Jake enjoyed the episode with Phil B; Phil also fills in the blanks on our gun-toting question.

Nick & Sue from the Bay Area are fans wishing us well!

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