E178 – Two Dudes & Some Palindromes

Brock & Aaron engage in a little more tour recap, including:

Mission Bicycle Company & The Lumen, the retroreflective bike (Kelly & Peter from theDope Pedalers) collaborated on by our friend Josh Zisson with Halo

Roger & the Bike Through China Book

Kevin at Carmel Starbucks & the Financial Engines water bottle, & escape from Hurricane Carmel

free boxes

the places we didn’t go

communication difficulties & touring dynamics

Why pay 50 dollars for gloves?

A few notable things:
Twitter trend: #ReplaceBikeWithCar  (and a roundup of the best)
Aftermass documentary!
Filmed By Bike!
Lenny Anderson’s records

Also: New studio rumblings & underwriter possibilities

BikePortland: The Orange Line might secretly be Portland’s biggest bike project ever

Jame on bike shops & jargon.

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