E121 – Transit Is Relative

Michael Andersen is the force behind the Portland Afoot, the city’s quintessential magazine on commuting and low-car life.  Doctor Jeff is a psychologist who once had a commute by transit of four hours a day and still propagates a highly entertaining twitter feed.  Together, we attempt to better understand how we deal with our automobile-dependent relatives and friends when we come for a visit, but not before we discuss hangovers, bike mishaps, and movies.  Then we assure ourselves of the security of Michael’s bicycle and describe our drinks, which leads to a shared commiseration on the disappearance of the classic drive-in restaurant.  Shit gets real when we turn to economic theory and find out who is or isn’t a Marxist, but we have a good laugh about how old we are while diving straight into the future of driverless vehicles (like in Vancouver, BC).  Then, finally: family relationships.

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