E097 – Kiel Johnson: Go By Bike

An interview with BTA Alice Award winner, Bike Train superstar and bike shopentrepreneur Kiel Johnson!

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Steven Can Plan: American road signs use altogether too much text
Slate.com: Why You Hate Cyclists
BikePortland: How one downtown intersection is working – for everyone!

Michael Andersen submits info from Chris Smith on last week’s topics:
• NW (north of burnside) still does not have meters/permits other than event-day permit system for soccer games. No paid parking yet (although it’s on the Mayor’s bucket list)
Open Plans is doing a mobile app (kickstarter funded) for a trip planner. That would probably be the place to get an option put in for whether or not to include the 4 minute buffer [that TriMet automatically assumes when you’re using its trip planner]
• I tried to make a big push for telecommuting part of the portland plan, but didn’t get a lot of enthusiasm. The key policy piece however is probably the City’s broadband plan which actually got done a few months before the Portland Plan. The other piece would be a “lead by example” effort by the City and other governments.
Transit Surfer 🙂 (but you can also bookmark pages on the mobile version of Transit Tracker)”

Also, we mention the Bill O’Reilly freakout video of legend and lore.

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