E068 – Vincent Caldoni

Vincent Caldoni, a professional actor, history buff, and fantastic storyteller joins us this week to discuss being in Portland as a generational resident, the Pig War, changes, Astoria talk, politics of sustainable economy, and other things as well!

Also: Humanity on Wheels: An Evening of Mass Transit Tales! March 20 at 7:30pm, The Jack London Bar529 SW 4th Ave PDX

Path Less Pedaled: Russ & Laura post the complete Kiwi Chronicles, their touring video series!
Portland Afoot: there are at least 3 Good Things about TriMet’s proposed cuts
Oregonian: Amtrak is quietly serving Oregon City commuters on their trip into Portland

Listener Dan from Leech Lake Reservation, Minnesota writes in; he’s now listened to EVERY episode and shaves his scant beard with an old fashioned razor.  He says of the cold in his state: “It does get cold, people say ‘you do not have bad rides but bad gear.’ In other words dress warm and you are fine.”

Patrick in Davis CA: “Hi guys, attending [The North American Handmade Bike Show] today in Sacto. The PDX contingent is very large. My personal favorites are the Metrofiets crew, Renovo wood bikes (beautiful). Seriously considering a Metrofiets bike over a car purchase, especially with the gas prices what they currently are. Wish Bike Friday was here to counterbalance the Bromptons. Have a good show.”

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