E062 – Katie Proctor: Kidical Mass

Katie Proctor of the Portland Kidical Mass tells us about bicycling with children and how to begin changing transportation culture by having fun with how we get around.  It includes hot chocolate…

Also: swrve jeans, waterfalls and moss, crosscountry skiing,the Rick Emerson Show ends, and shit cyclists say

RT from Michael Andersen: “The chained TriMet buses look like children excessively bundled up by well meaning yet overzealous parents”exm.nr/zRCcsz
Cycle Wild: new schedule for Portland area bicycle camping in 2012 is posted! go camping.
Listener Blayne in BC builds his own bookshelf instead of buying one – here’s how
BikePortland: City of Sherwood bans bicycles around “public places,” then amends law amidst outcry
BikePortland: SoupCycle reaches milestone 50,000th delivery

Patrick in Davis CA:  “As I was watching the Heat vs Bulls play today on tv, the commentators mentioned that due to the Miami marathon Lebron biked to work and that he sponsors a biking charity. They showed his bike, embossed  with his nickname “King James”, kinda cool.  I remember back in the era of “Neon Deon” that Deon Sanders would bike to games when he played for the Reds. Wonder how many other athletes bike to work?  Have a good show, Pav.”

Carl in CA: “I have been following this couple for a while. They are Raw Vegan evangelist Freelee Love ( Raw Fit Bitch) and Harley Johnstone (Durian Rider ). They live in Australia where they follow their passion of Raw Vegan eating, cycling and running. They are very adamant about their passions and have been loading the inter webs with informative and funny videos for a while now.”  Also: “Q. Do young people really go to Portland to retire?”

Donations: JohnnyK in FL, Blayne from BC.  thanks folks!

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