E063 – Amos’ Touring Stories

Amos Hunter rejoins us at the Sprocket Podcast for a discussion of some of his bicycle touring mishaps, and he also brings a game of “Guess the Bicycle” with him!

We also discuss:
Greg Hum visits, Best Bands Ever 2012BU Bridge bike lanes & the Liveable Streets Alliance in Boston, MA

and an extra bit of audio with Amos describing his new shaving method.

BikePortland: the City of Beaverton plans a downtown redesign more friendly to bikes and pedestrians
BikePortland: bicycle fashion show seeks models for event
Taking the Lane: many photos demonstrate how NOT to lock your bike
PathLessPedaled: Damian Day outruns his disabilities by cycling up to 10,000km a year
RowdyKittens: after giving it a solid try, Tammy Strobel decides to get an iPhone

Carl from CA: “I was checking out this site: alpacka rafts. Totally funky and functional @ the same time. In one section they mention a couple of crazy dudes that ‘bikerafted’ the Alaskan Lost Coast: http://lostcoastbike.blogspot.com/ it looked real gnarly!”

Logan in PDX: “The story of stuff now has a podcast!”

Rance via Facbook: “LOVE THE KIDDICAL MASS idea. We had a Critcal mass a few years ago and I really didn’t like the negative vibe. I ride everyday and don’t want to piss off drivers. I thought we were going to ride as a group to show that there were a lot of us on bike, but many used it as a chance to yell at cars and ride like an idiot. Keep up the great work!”

Katie Proctor shares a link to the video of a Mom bicycling with 6 kids aboard!

JohnnyK submits an article from the distant past and a modern solution from instructables.com for carrying children in bicycle sidecars.


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