E060 – Matt Picio: Cast Iron Cyclist

We’re pleased to have Matt Picio, founder of Cycle Wild and also known as the Cast Iron Cyclist, joining us to discuss people camping out by bike and his fantastic cross-country bicycle tour.

from Logan: Pedal-powered Shanty Boat is a mobile place to live
from Jeremy in AL: handcrafted wooden bikes made from felled city trees
Taking The Lane: the Conservative case for bicycling might surprise you
PathLessPedaled: Russ gets beaten by an angry motorist in NZ, but he’s OK
Oregonian: Boring Station under construction for a paved end to the Springwater Corridor

Ethan from Pedal Power: “I hope all is well. This might be a bit too “fred” for you folks but if you care to promote our Pedal Power jersey sale we’d appreciate it. The artwork is done by Kathleen King, a great artist whose done some other work for me. All proceeds will be used to help save the earth.”

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