E058 – Tom’s Cargo Bikes

Tom’s Cargo Bikes builds all kinds of conveyances from repurposed bicycle frames in style and with finesse.  Tom LaBonty gives us the rundown on how he got into this pastime, how he cut his chops on the skills necessary, and what he’s done with the bikes he builds.  You can get yours, too, and for not as much as you’d expect to pay!  Check out tomscargobikes.com

We discuss individual builds, growing up in Montana and fixing up muscle cars, moving to the city and getting out of regular car use, massive snowstorms, cargo bikes at Alaska Air, learning the terminology, 50 bikes built, Spin Art Bike, Yolo Colorhouse, blender bike, the Xtracycle,Multnomah County Bike FairBikes for Humanitybake feets, proprietary steering systems, “it’s all in beta,” marshmallow roasting, bass player uses cargo bike, Dutch sperm cargo bike, an unwitting bidding war, Tom’s portland hotel bike serves beer & coffee, and environmental pragmatism.

Brock & Brandon also discuss the possibility of stickers, prom themes and sea foam, whipped cream and other delights, new years’ plans, and pensive adolescent habits.  Also: quad frame tallbike video! 

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