E048 – [at]doctor_jeff

We speak with Dr. Jeff Guardalabene, better known to his Twitter followers as @doctor_jeff, about his observations on the Portland Metro area public transit scene and his cross-region daily commute.

We discuss: a brief history of dr. jeff riding TriMet, the acclaimed twitter feed, TriMet diaries writing: I Ride, totalling the car: what mobility will look like from here on out, LifeHacker features Dr. Jeff!

BikePortland: Dave Weber logged 1,096 miles in September for the Bike Commute Challenge!
BikePortland: Jake Ryder’s custom build tallbike sports a sidecar for photo equipment
BikePortland: local company builds heavy duty hunting/adventure trailers
Taking the Lane: Elly comments on how hitchhiking could save the economy via Freakonomics
The Atlantic Cities: to win riders, mass transit should get wired (-less)

Patrick from Davis CA donates (thank you!) and sponsors a month of drinking!
says of the show: “it’s informative, fun & quirky. A bit like Monty Python with a purpose.”
“I work at UCD & live in Winters about 17 miles away. I mostly ride the Yolobus 220 into work with my bike then pedal home.”  Also recommendsPepperPedlers as a guest.

Sally from ILoveTheBus.com says of E44: “I love Street Books, it is such a great way to serve the community. We all love a good story, right?  Books bring people together and build community.”

Peggy says of E47: “Great interview – told the fuller story of Zenger Farm, which is an AMAZING organization doing so much good work in the community!  Nice to see it getting more than the 3-minute soundbite typical news coverage.”

As mentioned on the show: the progression of Brandon’s Beards:

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