E047 – Jill Kuehler: Zenger Farm

Today we speak with Jill Kuehler from southeast Portland’s Zenger Farm and the Lents Farmers Market about food security, urban farming and sustainable agriculture, all while enjoying the Cascade Brewing Company’s 20” Brown Ale.

We discuss: Zenger Farm’s location and history, Jill’s connection to the farm, the Lents farmers’ market, their apprentice program, education and field trips, the shock of tasty vegetables and getting kids to enjoy Kale, sustainability at the farm in solar energy, water filtration systems, a 50 year lease on the property, City of Portland Bureau of Environmental Services, invertebrate studies, food stamp matching, USDA map of “food deserts,”adult education and kids transformed by experience, the Zenger CSA

The Atlantic Cities: someone desperate for cash stole an entire bridge in western Pennsylvania
TUAW.com: the bicycle-mounted passive amplifier for iPhone 4 is here!
BikePortland: some concerns about Portland’s Springwater Corridor path make people nervous
RowdyKittens: the tiny house is roofed and getting moved into place!

Eric writes in: “…I like the longer sprocket format. And I was listening to your semi-epic fail in announcing this last episode [E45] and thought you may want to try sadtrombone.com as a great sound effect.”

Jarrod from Australia: likes the podcast, and recently got back from an Indian Himalayas cycling adventure that he desribes on his website,cyclinginthinair.com

Listener Dave writes in:  “They make the time I spend walking our dog go very fast and when our dog wants to stop and smell or pee, I just don’t mind.”  wants to know “how did we meet?”  Also is curious about a list of podcasts we enjoy. (see our website!)

Blayne from BC is working on his food podcast, has trouble keeping kids out of the room though.

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