E046 – Dave Feucht: Portlandize

We invited Dave Feucht of Portlandize.com to share his thoughts on Portland, its bicycle culture, and some of the finer points of discussing your passion for it over a refreshing Hopworks Urban Brewery Lager.  We also had our friend Tyson Butler into the studio to share his experience at the Occupy Portland event this previous week.

We discuss: Adam’s comments about Steve Jobs, on the ground at Occupy PortlandPortlandize.comelitism & ethics, or, “how to promote bicycling without being an asshole,” are others “taking” your right of way?, rainy bicycling

Dave adds info about his bike: “So, it’s a 3-speed internally geared hub, and then you can see the full chain case. It also has front and rear hub brakes – they’re internal to the hub, so they’re basically un-effected by the weather (it’s nice not having to re-learn how to brake when it’s wet) 🙂 Dynamo-powered lighting is great as well, as you never have to worry about batteries, forgetting to turn your lights off, or putting them on and taking them off your bike every time you use it.

“I’ve loaded about 50lbs of stuff on the front rack, and in the range of 100lbs on the rear, so it’ll carry quite a bit.

“While the full chain case won’t work with derailleurs, a chain guard that just covers the top of the chain can, and I think there are some companies that make kind of after-market ones that you can add to bicycles that didn’t have them originally, I feel like maybe SKS made one (yes, this one I think). That at least solves the problem of getting your pants dirty :)”

The Belle Starrs: The Coloradoan posts a great article about the Fort Collins all-girl bike gang
BikePortland: Portland’s transportation people work out a solution for a blocked bike lane
BikePortland: TriMet plans to release an open source multi-modal trip planner
Oregonian: a loud baby & its mom cause nothing but press after a bus operator kicks them off
Oregonian: riders lobby for longer transfer times on TriMet, and the transit agency considers it

donation from Matt in Portland; thanks!  and an iTunes review from DaveInDenver. 

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