E045 – Lillian Karabaic

We engage in a lively discussion of bicycles and transit in everyday life with Lillian Karabaic, producer of the Portland Afoot Podcast and, as her card states, “bicycle advocate, photographer, and transportation wonk.”

We discuss: Brandon’s back!, Orcas Island, bike trailer crash, tallbikes and chunk 666, the Portland Afoot podcast, cycle wild, the carfree cities conference in Guadalajara (referenced in her latest podcast), world naked bike ride, and other things.

Taking The Lane: Elly Blue briefly describes a rural bike community in California
BikePortland: new senic bikeways approved by Oregon State Parks
Bicycling Magazine via Ethan: is a cargo bike the coolest bike ever made? probably so.
BikePortland: Rejuiced Bikes makes incredible special function bicycles out of scrap
BikePortland: Best e-bike ever? The IDEO/Rock Lobster Oregon Manifest entry

donation from Blayne in BC: “You should be able to buy a 24 of PBR for that I imagine.” 

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