E044 – Laura Moulton: Street Books

This week we speak with Laura Moulton, most recently recognized for her work in launching the Street Books project, a mobile library on a cargo trike that lends books to people living outside in downtown Portland, Oregon.  Aaron Flores from Team Sincerity fills in as co-host in Brandon’s absence.

We discuss: inspiration, urban shelter, park blocks & Skidmore Fountain, MercyCorps, when and where, Haley Tricycles, forming culture around the library, library cards for patrons, language and blurring the lines between people, a false dichotomy between deep thought and homelessness,Second Glance BooksSue Zalokar assists, connections with Street Roots, other projects, married to Benjamin Parzybok who authored “Couch”, working on her own novel. Brock & Aaron also discuss handcartsblues legend Billy Bob Thornton, long bicycle rides, and the last Hillstomp show ever.

EcoVelo via Logan: apparently bicycling is good for both your body and your anger issues
Oregonian: Joseph Rose edits his helmet cam footage to demonstrate Oregon bike lane law
BikePortland: a Hood River, OR company designs a “rainfish” device to keep bicyclists dry Bicycling Magazine: is a cargo bike the coolest bike ever made? probably so.
Portlandize: Dave Feucht writes about a vacation to the beach by bus and proves it can be fun BePortland: mobile music festival happens on the Portland Streetcar

Adele calls in to share her bus story (audio) Gus shares an interesting blog post about a homebrew club in CA, disagrees w/ point #5:

your friends may not actually tell you what they really think about your beer.

Blayne in BC successfully completed the Yukon tour, and may start a food podcast.

Also liked the crater lake tour stories and can’t imagine bicycling like that with the flu.
iTunes reviews – Carl and “Freedivers_33”

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