E011 – Kate Lopresti: The Constant Rider

This week we bring you a delightful conversation with Kate Lopresti, author of a public transit themed independent ‘zine (which happens to be attractively bound and presented!) titled “The Constant Rider.” She shares her experiences and observations about riding the bus in Portland, OR and writing about them.

If you want a copy of The Constant Rider Omnibus for your very own so you can read the same stories we have, use the “Donate” button to the right to send us a few bucks for postage – we’ll slip it into an envelope and send it right to your door!  Supplies are limited, but Kate was generous to give us a few extra copies and we’ll share them while we can!

We discuss: hello to listeners (including the Ft. Collins CO Belle Stars), introducing Kate Lopresti, the IPRC, Microcosm Publishing, surprisingly classy beer, the Bike Trailer Bloglinks to Austin Bike Zoo’s Rattlesnake, CycleWild releases their 2011 bike camping schedule, the Bicycle Travel Network tells of the Cycling Silk project, BikePortland.orglinks to the BTA’s new video: “Strategies for Getting Around Without Bike Lights (Or Pants).” A Washington DC blogger proposes a cycling social contract, bikes couldgenerate wind power (!), Oregonian columnist writes about transit “seat hogs,” Kate reads a selection about “bonking” while riding light rail, “a free car is never free,” getting into riding buses, zipcar.com, the 24 hour neighborhood, cultural diversity on buses, Brandon gives away a free business idea, buses are great for reading, thanking bus drivers, talking to drivers (nice or otherwise), “I flash my pass like I’m all that,” curiosity about schedules can start conversations, “the longer I ride, the more normal these outbursts seem,” young man pop-lock-break-dancing at the bus stop, “A Drunk In Three Parts,” police pulls a dude with a joint, “line 75 is the hipster bus,” one last reading of “passenger descriptions.”

(click here for a few extra minutes of conversation we couldn’t fit into an hour’s program – bus stories for those interested)

we share a half gallon growler of Hopworks’ Organic HUB Lager to the enjoyment of all.

Seattle alt-rock outfit Explone – “Girl With a Black Eye” from their 2010 albumDreamers/Lovers.
Dreamers/Lovers - Explone

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Stories from BikePortland.org featured with permission from editor Jonathan Maus.