E010 – Louis Avden: Plants As Pets

We are joined by our good friend Louis Avden who discusses his unique perspective on gardening.  We record late at night and so we use our NPR news voices.  We discuss:  no more vagina talk, Ft. Collins people, we now have a donation button (thanks Steven), pig dog monster beer & Ashland mold water, Russ from pathlesspedaled.com bike packing video, photo galleries of human cyclists & tallbikesin Portland from bikeportland.org, the Mary Poppins effect, 1970s schoolchildren ride bikes to a field trip, London experiments with two way bicycle traffic on one way streets, we exchange compliments with Louis, starting small (one seed), 6 foot carrots, thinking like a plant, good tilth, “genocidification,” “yellowing thumb,” the richness of gardening, plants as pets, plants say “chill the f*** out,” difficulties with other inhabitants, stepping on beds, “you are the plant’s bitch,” Kate Moss slugs, creating community around your garden

Brock enjoys Genessee Beer from NY, Brandon drinks the fearsome Flying Dog Double Dog Ale, and Louis purveys a mysterious drink made withAshland Lithia Water,Kombucha & Grappa.

“Stand By My Side” by Brock Dittus, featuring Louis Avden on piano, from the 2009 EPHandbuilt. myspace.com/brockdittus

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Stories from BikePortland.org featured with permission from editor Jonathan Maus.