Stickers are now available!

Just in time – perhaps a tad late for Christmas, but for personal holiday of the heart, we’ve received our first run of bike-sized stickers from Bike Punk and want to make them available to you if you want one. Here’s what the stickers look like (they are about 4 inches in width):

Here’s the deal: we’d like to send these to anyone who wants them for a minimal donation. The stickers cost about 50 cents to make, these days a stamp is about 50 cents, and PayPal’s fees are about 30 cents plus a small cut of the donation amount. So if you can send us a donation of $1.50 we can send you one sticker; add another 50 cents for each additional sticker you would like sent to you. Remember to specify which color scheme (black background or white background) and amounts you wish for, and above all, include your address so we know where to send your sticker!

Portland residents can message us and arrange cash for the stickers at just 50 cents each, and Brock or Brandon might be able to deliver them personally! Or say hello if you see us in public and ask if we have some on us.

Bike Punk prints on USA-made vinyl with eco-conscious ink using renewable energy and a really neat printer! They also have a delightful assortment of their own sticker designs, among other things.

Thanks, and happy holidays!

Brock + Brandon