E584 – Summer Adventures & Bike Travel Dreams

Guthrie stands in the shade with a distant view of water behind. He wears a hoodie, hat, and sunglasses, and stands next to his bike, loaded up with stuffed panniers.As we dig out our rain pants and bike lights, Aaron, Armando, Guthrie, and Joan gather outside in person on a drizzly night to chat about the best of summer and discuss future bike dreams and adventures. Plus we share adventures and plans from listeners Brian, Hami, Emily, Brock, and @blackrtea.

Check out this video of a lovely Vancouver Island bikeway (mentioned by Joan, tweet via Martyn Schmool).

News & such 
Josh Guttmacher sent us a few things: a great story (with photos!) about how Denmark is repurposing old wind turbine blades as bike shelters and a Nature article from 2008, “Bumper Stickers Reveal Link to Road Rage”(!). Thanks, Josh!

And, we mark about a year since Armando and Joan joined the podcast as co-hosts. Cheers!

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