E570 – All Bodies On Bikes with Kailey Kornhauser

Kailey is sitting at a picnic table facing and fixing a muddy, upside bike. She has a blue puffy coat and a green hairband holds back her reddish hair. She is smiling.

Joan and Armando talk with Kailey Kornhauser about her fantastic new film, All Bodies on Bikes, and fatphobia and size discrimination within the world of bicycling. Kailey is a PhD student and bikepacker based in Corvallis, Oregon. She and her collaborator Marley Blonsky are advocates for size-inclusivity in bicycling, consulting with vendors and leading webinars along with working with Shimano on the new documentary. Kailey chats with us about bikepacking and what it’s been like to have a large following of folks looking for inspiration.

Links for stuff we talked about
Kailey on Instagram: @kornhausersauce
Kailey’s website
All Bodies on Bikes Facebook group
All Bodies on Bikes on Instagram: @allbodiesonbikes 
Bikepacking.com routes
Molly Sugar’s website 

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