E562 – Henry Grabar Talks Parking, Infrastructure, and Secretary Pete

Headshot of Henry Grabar. Shows a man with short brown hair and white skin wearing a gray tshirt and blue blazer against a dark background.


Parking geeks and non-parking-geeks rejoice! Slate staff writer Henry Grabar gives us the deep dive on parking, along with insights on bike lanes, gentrification, city street changes during the pandemic, Biden’s infrastructure plan, Secretary Pete, his high school bike commute in New York City, and more. Henry is writing a book on parking, and you can follow him on Twitter.


‘Hill killerz’ trend has managed to make climbing hills fun
Armando and Joan are killing hillz this spring, organized by Maria Schur, Bicycle Kitty. BikePortland has a great write-up.

Cycling across Europe in the pandemic
Thanks to J. Leko for sending us this BBC World Service video! “Over a billion euros has been invested in cycling across Europe since the start of the pandemic. Some of the continent’s biggest cities are being transformed as people seek alternative, safer, greener ways to move around. Anna Holligan travels across Europe to see how people are getting on their bikes and asks if the surge in cycling is the start of a much bigger change in the way we travel.”


No events this week.


Thanks to Tim Mooney and J. Leko for sending us questions for Henry! J. also has some tool suggestions and questions for Guthrie, which we’re holding til he hosts next.    


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