E403 – Rebroadcast: Ellee Thalheimer, Cycling Sojourner

It’s a first for us – best-ofs!  The Sprocket has been around long enough for a few years’ worth of episodes to fall off of the major distribution channels’ feeds, and with all of our staff busy (Guthrie in town, Aaron in Mexico & Brock in Utah), we thought we’d bring you two conversations with a fabulous bicycle touring author, Ellee Thalheimer!

Ellee is the author of the Cycling Sojourner series of bicycle touring guidebooks, one for Oregon and one for Washington (with the much-sought-after New Jersey edition still frustratingly out of sight in the future), featuring made-to-order routes in accessible lengths of 3-5 days each in some of the most scenic parts of these states, all delivered with her own charming personality and style.  Get our copy and start planning your tours today!

Our first interview with her in 2011 from Episode 77 features Aaron Flores as a guest cohost before he joined the program full time with Brock Dittus & his wife Adele talking to Ellee about the Oregon edition; the second is from 2014 on Episode 187 about the Washington edition.

Enjoy, and see you next week with a fresh new live show from the Airstream.  Cheers!