E315 – The Wives & Girlfriends Show! (With Tim Mooney)

We talk with Adele & Anna about what it’s like to be romantically connected to a podcaster.  And we talk about bikes!  And Tim Mooney is back! (Checkpedalshift.net for the companion episode where we talk to his girlfriend Kimberly)

Also: Brock rented a car and drove in circles looking for parking, and Aaron went to a wedding.  And Tim went bicycle touring!  And NOBODY burned a car.

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September 10: 50 States & 13 Colonies from Tim Mooney
September 17: Tour de Brew
September 17: Brock’s band – Seventy Six 10 year album anniversary show
September 24: 6-10pm The Portland Hawthorne Hostel’s 13th Annual Bike-In Movie: Rising from Ashes
October 1: Dr. Something EP, Rustic Machinery release party

A tweet from Alex S. about cargo bikes.

Brian H. starts campaigning for us.

JR Roloff sends us pics of his Travoy Tailer.

Dan leaves us a voicemail.

Timo chimes in about Tour de Brew.

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