E297 – Meg Keys: Radio & Redevelopments

Meg Keys from the KBOO Bike Show, and, you know, Portland.  As well as New York, Chicago, and other towns.  We chat bicycling and culture in hip cities, and how she thinks about change, redevelopment and gentrification.  We also got a bike touring story out of her!

Filmed By Bike
BTA’s Bike More

Also: Brock bicycle camped over the weekend & Aaron got some candy from his mom, and was dubbed “champion” by Walk+Bike People!

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5/6,7,8/16 Filmed By Bike at the Hollywood Theatre with (off) Street Party at Velo Cult bike shop on Friday 5/6 5-9:30pm
May 15 and throughout the summer – Sunday Parkways needs volunteers!
May 18: Music + Bikes: Guilty Pleasures (the ride returns!)
June 10 The Little Lebowski Urban Achiever Ride
June 15 – The Pollen Ride!  Comisserate with fellow allergen-sufferers 6:15pm at the Vera Katz Statue
June 18 – The 3rd Annual Bike Mechanic Challenge! from 6:30 PM to 10:00 PM at velo cult


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Voicemail from Scott in CA!

David would have loved to have been able to find his Kona that was stolen back in June. BikeIndex.org is the solution!

Tim Mooney from Pedashift.net shares a transit nerdery timetable for getting back to PDX after a southbound coastal tour:

Day 1
Brookings to North Bend (Curry County transit)7:20am – 10:35am
Ride North Bend to Honeyman SP. Camp overnight.

Day 2
Finish off Honeyman to Yachats (70miles total from Brookings)
Yachats-Newport (Lincoln County transit) 7am-7:50am
Ride 25 miles to Lincoln City
Lincoln City-Tillamook (THE WAVE) 10:36am – 11:52am
Tillamook-PDX (THE WAVE)12:55pm-3:10pm

Kokua Bikes wants you to know about them!

Richard asks about Bicycle Time’s provenance.

Anna’s Mom from E235 did a cool bike ride!

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