E277 – Peter Koonce: Transportation Engineer Cowboy

Peter Koonce is a blogging, twittering transportation engineer, a PDX native, a bicycling enthusiast, and a rockstar host of the famous transportation trivia event from the community cycling center.

Brock is running again, continues to travel bikelessly, and found some scuzz in his brake pads.
Guthrie Straw of Filmed By Bike, Cycle Portland, and @PedalDream cohosts this week!


From Rory: Bicycle mimics MS symptoms to encourage empathy\

4/5/16 7pm humanity On wheels 3 from kick ass oregon history and trimet diaries at the Jack London bar!


Pete baker from cycle tour store: “Re latest @SprocketPodcast episode, how does my local bike shop compare on floor space?”

JohnnyK: Bicycle Times Cargo Bike Friday contest!  and he also recommends not drinking the water south of the border: filter it instead.

Phil b on our speed commentary: sequential bills have meaning to law enforcement, and criminals!

iTunes reviews!

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