E276b – Mail & News with Joe Wheels & David Robinson

Our show with Joe Wheels and David Robinson continues, including:


The Atlantic, via Logan: Which Jobs Have the Highest Rates of Depression?
50 years of research on bus driver well-being.


Phil in AK approves of the beards.

JohnnyK adds ASCII beard art and thinks cycling is good for your back pains.

Tim is taking the Amtrak sleeper car too!

TopHat says Amtrak ought to allow cargo bikes.  Say it again!

Nathan chimes in on Amtrak too with a story from his childhood.

Doug Robertson is blogging at four season cycling!

Anna says saddle sores are dumb and there are some solutions:
-diaper rash cream
-hydrocortisone cream
-salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide cream (a.k.a the stuff for acne)

Dom from onebikeoneworld.com shares an unusual saddle to avoid the unpleasantness:

Drew the Welder says saddle sores could be boil/abscess instead of lymph system.  Best to stop riding until it goes away.

Also he mentions the Rinko for easy train travel!

Scott says everyone should get “‘bent” – as in recumbent bicycles. He referencesbikeism, and Australia’s HPV race.

PBJMatt asks: Why is it that all the great adventurers are British?

Review from Logan!  “Great podcast and I look forward to their show every week. Their perspectives foster community and collaboration.”

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