E196 – Jonathan Maus of bikeportland.org


Jonathan Maus has a lot to say; an understatement for anyone who is familiar withBike Portland. In this interview we focus (as much as my brain lets me) mostly on what’s going on in East Portland and the forgotten parts of the PDX Empire (my terminology, not his). Jonathan also takes some time to shed some light on the “car vs. bike” journalism so apparent in the media. Also, Brock and Adele’s week 4 and 5.

From Brock:
“Left this in a visitors log at last night’s state park! Hope it’s accurate that I gave you a Mohawk.”

From Jim H. on the Facebooks:
“Hello Sprocket Podcast… love your show… a highlight in the week for sure. Really appreciate the vignettes from Brock and Adele’s tour. Makes me want to be out on the road. :)”

From Johnny K. in FLA
“I still think that the episode with Aaron’s brother is by far the funniest episode of all time.  I still laugh at it and I don’t even have to listen to it again.”

From listener Robert:
“A very cool photogallery of “tweed” bike ride in Russia’s St. Petersburg!

From Cameron Lien
$$$$ Thank you cameron for signing up as our newest monthly donor.

No News today (go to bikeportland.org yourself)

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