E195 – Lenny Anderson, Touring Old-School

This week we bring back Lenny “the King of Swan Island” Anderson to tell us about the days of touring without all the fancy gadgets you kids have these days. The last time we talked with Lenny we didn’t get any of his touring stories. He did not disappoint this time. Though he was not impressed with my choice of beverage.

Also with us is Dan B. who comes to PDX from the Volunteer State. Dan will be starting a podcast on sustainability with his siblings and wanted to see what podcasting Sprocket-style looks like. God luck, Dan!

Oh, and Lisa’s back! She has a funny anecdote that turns into a plug for Gladys Bikes (take a drink Krista S).


We got physical mail From Mark in San Jose!

We got Voicemail from Tim Mooney

From Johnny K. in FLA: Aaron got the intro, hates clowns, and wants breakfast on his commute.

From Josh G. in Concordia: “I vote Eilif your most entertaining guest.. up there with brewmaster Dan Hynes from Thunder Island Brewing.”

From Brock Dittus in Lake Chelan
“I only took two pictures! But here they are. No. 2 is a sunRISE, even though it looks like a sunset.”


From Gizmodo via listener Mark V: How Cyclists on Fixies Saved California’s Mail Service 120 Years Ago

From TriMet: an open house on the new Orange Line

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