E193 – Carl Larson on Bike Fun. Lisa Nims on Anything Else.

If you don’t know Carl Larson by now that’s your loss. Considered by many (well… me) as  bike fun incarnate, Carl is here to set the record straight that bike fun is best when not centered around the bike. Pay homage to history by listening especially to his story about riding with DarcelleXV

Joining us is my friend Lisa Nims. She and I used to work together, but we don’t now. Now I have a friend that’s not a work friend. Lisa shares her experiences riding, her trepidations on riding in groups, and stories from volunteering at the Marie Smith Center. She was also instrumental in putting together the ‘zine and tumblr: Tell it Like it Tiz. Stories from those with whom she shares time at the Marie Smith. With luck she’ll be co-hosting more often.

From Glenn Kubish in YEG via Twitter:
“Hey Sprocket Podcast. Have you considered why traffic reports are all about cars?What if things were different?

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From Tom Allen via twitter: Tom Allen wants to give you his bike.
(oops contest ended already, I should really have looked at this more closely)

from Tony Deis via Facebook: Free Lecture – Subsistence Hunting & Foraging

From Bike Portland: new business looks to use bikes as billboards

From Bike Portland: PPB chief Reese takes shift on downtown bike patrol

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