E169 – Lillian Karabaic: Raiders of the Lost Archives

Lillian Karabaic wears many hats, including one for her responsibilities with the IPRC (Independent Publishing Resource Center) that assists people in producing and finding independently produced printed matter of all varieties.  She’s in charge of the Raiders of the Lost Archives event, which puts even more fun into rediscovering unique works of writing in the thousands of yet-to-be-catalogued zines that the IPRC has in its archive.  We discuss zines and marginalized voices, as well as requesting bike parking in Portland, her new Ahern bike, and some chat about Cincinnati, Ohio.

Also: Steph Routh’s book, How to Move By Bike
is available online, Street books drive this Friday & continuing support, camping in the cold on the Salmon River.

BikePortland: Dan Kauffman fatbikes to the Oregon Coast for a meeting

Jim recommends we check out this incredible cargo bike from Butchers & Bicycles.

JohnnyK asks about the ELF vehicles we reviewed last week.

Steve in WY recommends JB Weld for fixing glasses over superglue.  Fixes bike frames, too!

Timo recognizes Lenny Anderson as “a true raconteur.” Also shares the SmartTrips program in Portland, Oregon, and access to free maps, information booklets, and thePortland By Cycle rides.

Doug loves RAGBRAI and fills us in on the details.

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