E162 – Elly Blue: Bikenomics

Elly Blue is the author of the new book, Bikenomics: How Bicycling Can Save The Economy, and also the star of the now-famous Amtrak incident leading to a broader conversation on bike/train integration.  We talk about the benefits of a bicycle lifestyle and multimodalism!

Aaron & Brock also discuss drinking coffee, coffee machine cuisine, Aaron’s new Disc Trucker, Spinlister, and Amtrak: Gangnam Style.

Oregonian: new train service added to the Amtrak Cascades corridor
Bicycle Retailer: Specialized makes nice with Canadian bicycle builder
(Listener Dion also sent us the video of Specialized’s Mike Sinyard & Dan Richter getting along in person.)

Dion shares Martyn Ashton’s Road Bike Party videos – some sweet jumps and tricks!

Martyn later suffered a significant injury after falling backward during a demonstration.

Jeremy from Critical Transit twitters:
I never used studded #bike tires before last week but I’ve become a believer.

Logan sends us a TEDx video from Tall Bike Bobby!

Marcus sends us some info from Streetsblog on how unused parking can cost seattle renters a lot of extra cash.

Jack comments on Steph Routh’s move by bike episode and relates a story about a uhaul.

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