E160 – Michael Andersen: The Real Estate Beat

Michael Andersen is a writer for BikePortland.org who covers a wide variety of low-car lifestyle topics, including his Real Estate Beat which aims to explore how property owners are making it easier to live without a car in the city’s rental market.  We discuss presidential microphones and bike rides, low-car buildings & economic difficulties, how inclusionary zoning could help the situation, and the new micro-apartments being planned in the downtown and Hollywood districts.

Aaron & Brock also discuss the Critical Transit podcast, Bikecraft, renting a Prius, and dynamo lighting.

BikePortland: the Oregon Outback gets organized
Diamond Cut Life: subtraction for the holidays

Tim in DC updates us on the Frontier Airlines bicycle policy.

Glenn in Edmonton on twitter has “become a big fan of the vibe of @SprocketPodcast” and links to a video of his snowy commute featuring birds! also, what does #yegbikemean?

Dan from MN texts in to say he enjoyed the show on bike moves!

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