E159 – Steph Routh: How To Move By Bike

Steph Routh helps move people from one house to another by bike, and has helped with 61 of them.  Now she’s written a book about it!  Funded on Kickstarter and alreadylampooned by Bike Snob NYC (there is no greater praise).  We talk to her about how it all works.

Aaron & Brock also discuss Cranksgiving!

BTA infographic via BikePortland
Popular Mechanics via Logan: 10 Ingenious Bike Hacks
BikePortland: Organic Transit Velomobiles consider production in Portland

Listener Dion twitters a great story to us about Tommy Goodwin’s 1939 record for cycling 100,000 miles!

Glenn from Marrowstone Island comments on Ozette Lake & the origin of Kickapoo Joy Juice.

Marcus sends a donation for which we are grateful!

Doug in MN also donates, and knows both Listener Dan & guest Shawn Granton.

Professor Arnold from Stuart Hall School in Staunton VA explains empiricist perspectives on why I might have perceived the tempo of our theme music differently.  We love our smart listeners.

Lastly, Dias from Sao Paulo comments on E144 with Cory Poole.

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